Project 14 of 15

It all began with a question. ‘Why?’

After stumbling upon some conventional baby bottles, the Comotomo team saw that there were laundry lists of unresolved “bottle issues”…

They’ve heard countless tales from frustrated moms in desperate search for the elusive bottle their little ones will take. They’ve encountered the oft spoken about issue of “nipple confusion” that was mostly ignored in product designs. They saw moms spending way too much time (and precious sanity) trying to clean out those narrow-necked baby bottles. The Comotomo team were eyewitnesses to shelves full of bottles that looked and felt so foreign to natural nursing. And to our dismay, they saw just one too many plain and uninspired products. So, being design junkies, they asked the natural question… Why?

The truth is, there wasn’t an obvious answer. What they realized was that there is a giant void in the market. This inspired them to make something really fantastic. Something that truly makes moms lives a bit easier, and babies a wee bit happier. Comotomo believe that a beautiful product shouldn’t just look good, but should also elegantly enhance your experience. They think their bottles do just that!